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Here are liveblogging examples I used in my Feb. 11 webinar for the Canadian Newspaper Association:

Liveblogging unfolding news stories

Virginia Tech massacre on Collegiate Times

Northern Illinois campus shootings at rrstar.com

Clovis News Journal’s election blog

Liveblogs using Twitter

Gazette liveblog on holiday travel

Gazette’s Cecelia Hanley from the inauguration

Gazette’s Chris Doty on Black Friday shopping

Wichita Eagle courts reporter Ron Sylvester’s Twitter feed

Liveblogging events

New York Times liveblog of Roger Clemens hearing

Gazette’s Adam Belz liveblogs supervisors meeting

Gazette’s Trish Mehaffey liveblogs sentencing in a murder trial

Gazette’s Jeff Raasch liveblogs Obama campaign appearance

Gazette staffers liveblog Gov. Chet Culver’s State of the State speech

Gazette’s Adam Belz liveblogs Marion Mayor’s speech

Gazette CEO Chuck Peters liveblogs API media CEOs’ summit

Gazette’s Todd Dorman liveblogs Iowa delegation breakfast at Democratic convention 

Whit Andrews liveblogs a technology conference

Gazette staff liveblogs the Outback Bowl

Palm Beach Post liveblogs a trial

Gazette’s Trish Mehaffey liveblogs from a federal court trial

ABA Journal writes about Judge Mark Bennett’s decision to allow Gazette to liveblog

Live chat examples

Gazette live chats the week of the six-month anniversary of the flood

Gazette’s Mike Hlas leads a pre-Super Bowl live chat

Gazette staff’s weekly high school sports chat

Colorado Springs Gazette hosts chat about arts in the community

Possible revenue-making liveblog approach

Colorado Springs Gazette liveblogs a store opening

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