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So this is the Iowa winter

In my first column as editor of the Minot Daily News in 1991, I asked readers to tell me about Minot. I didn’t want to know that it was cold or friendly. I had already heard that and I wanted to know something deeper. If they had to tell me about the cold or the friendliness, I wrote, tell me stories that would help me understand.

The best story I was told: When the wind chill gets to 80 below and you go out to dinner, all the cars in the parking lot at the restaurant would be running. But it’s the kind of town where your car will still be there when you come out after dinner. My response: You go out to dinner when the wind chill is 80 below? Of course their cars were still there; the car thieves aren’t crazy.

Our parking lot at work had posts every few spaces so we could plug in our cars during the day. Today I wished we had them at The Gazette (not that I have a block heater these days), but my car did start tonight.

I haven’t heard 80-below wind chills this week, but it’s Minot-cold here in Iowa. And I’m not going out to eat.

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